At All for Lunch, we remain committed to helping provide children access to a nutritious lunch, regardless of their financial situation at home. With schools closed throughout our country and many students participating in a digital learning setting, now it is even more crucial than ever to make sure children living in food insecurity have access to food during their day. We applaud the school districts, cafeteria employees, and volunteers that are working relentlessly every day to provide pre-packaged lunches for pick-ups at schools, however during this time there is still a tremendous amount more that needs to be done.

To achieve this goal, All for Lunch is partnering with food pantries and co-ops throughout the community to help stock shelves with nutritious lunch and breakfast items so that children of families living in food insecurity continue to have access to these essential meals, even during the time of school closures. For many of these kids, school lunch was their only guaranteed meal of the day and by partnering with food banks we hope to continue to provide access to these meals for those children that depend on it.


100% of your tax-deductible donations are still going to support children in the community to provide access to food for the most vulnerable in the community. We are currently utilizing donations that are received during this time to provide support to community co-ops and food pantries to help restock the essential lunch and breakfast items that are needed at the individual locations.

Use the form below to become a donor and help us continue to fight against childhood food insecurity and provide access to lunch during these unprecedented times. If you would like to specify a specific state or county to receive your donation, you can do so as you complete your donation.

Thank you for your continued support and joining us on our mission to fight against childhood food insecurity and to provide access to lunch for every child.

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All for Lunch is a c3 non-profit.100% of your donation goes directly towards providing access to lunch for children in need.After your donation, you will immediately receive a receipt for your tax records. If you have any questions, please use our form below and someone from All for Lunch will be in touch shortly. 

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