On 12/15/22 All for Lunch met with Gwinnett County School Nutrition Department Executive Director Ken Yant and Operations Coordinator Tiiloni Beaver and gave $75,569.92 to pay off the current lunch debt of all 81 elementary schools in the county. Gwinnett County is the largest and fastest-growing county in the state of Georgia and is located just North of Atlanta.  We are so excited to help make such an impact this holiday season in the county that All for Lunch was founded. As of today, every school listed below is lunch debt free!

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes towards eliminating school lunch debt and fighting against childhood food insecurity. Together we can help make sure children as young as 5 years old in kindergarten can have access to lunch at school. With the average school lunch costing about $2.50 a meal, your donation can help make a substantial impact on a child’s school day.

All for Lunch and Lunch for All!

The following schools are now lunch debt free

Alcova Elementary

Alford Elementary

Anderson-Livsey Elementary

Annistown Elementary

Arcado Elementary

Baggett Elementary

Baldwin Elementary

Beaver Ridge Elementary

Benefield Elementary

Berkeley Lake Elementary

Bethesda Elementary

Britt Elementary

Brookwood Elementary

Burnette Elementary

Camp Creek Elementary

Cedar Hill Elementary

Centerville Elementary

Chattahoochee Elementary

Chesney Elementary

Cooper Elementary

Corley Elementary

Craig Elementary

Dacula Elementary

Duncan Creek Elementary

Dyer Elementary

Ferguson Elementary

Fort Daniel Elementary

Freemans Mill Elementary


Grayson Elementary

Gwin Oaks Elementary

Harbins Elementary

Harmony Elementary

Harris Elementary

Head Elementary

Hopkins Elementary

Ivy Creek Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Jenkins Elementary

Kanoheda Elementary

Knight Elementary

Lawrenceville Elementary

Level Creek Elementary

Lilburn Elementary

Lovin Elementary

Magill Elementary

Mason Elementary

Mckendree Elementary

Meadowcreek Elementary

Minor Elementary

Mountain Park Elementary

Mulberry Elementary

Nesbit Elementary

Norcross Elementary

North Metro Academy

Norton Elementary

Parsons Elementary

Partee Elementary

Patrick Elementary

Peachtree Elementary

Pharr Elementary

Puckett’S Mill Elementary

Riverside Elementary

Roberts Elementary

Rock Springs Elementary

Rockbridge Elementary

Rosebud Elementary

Shiloh Elementary

Simonton Elementary

Simpson Elementary

Starling Elementary

Stripling Elementary

Sugar Hill Elementary

Suwanee Elementary

Sycamore Elementary

Taylor Elementary

Trip Elementary

Walnut Grove Elementary

White Oak Elementary

Winn Holt Elementary

Woodward Mill Elementary

Gwinnett County by Alessandra Ferrara-Miller

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