Oh, what a year it has been! November 12th, 2019 marks the one year anniversary of the first donations of All for Lunch when we visited Level Creek Elementary School in Suwanee, Georgia to drop off a check for $152.10 to eliminate all of their school lunch debt. Since then, we have raised over $16,000 which has funded 35 donations at 21 different schools throughout 3 counties in Georgia! 

It’s more than just lunch debt.

When All for Lunch first launched, our focus was on paying off the school lunch debt at every school we visited. As the year went on, we realized the problem is much larger than just lunch debt at the schools. We found that many of the children with lunch debt came from financial situations where their families cannot afford to fund their lunch accounts. When you only pay off the lunch debt of a school, these children still do not have the funds in their accounts to pay for the cost of their lunch. Many go directly back into lunch debt and begin receiving an alternate lunch meal which can be as little as a bread and cheese sandwich. For some of these children living in food insecurity, school lunch may be their only meal of the day and we have found a solution.

Introducing the All for Lunch Reserve Account!

After recognizing the need, All for Lunch remodeled our formula to not only pay off the entire lunch debt of a school but also fund an All for Lunch Reserve Account in the cafeteria. If a child ever finds they do not have money in their account, they can access the All for Lunch Reserve Account to cover the cost of their meal. Now no child at any of the schools we visit will ever go into lunch debt and will never be denied a lunch at school due to their financial situation at home!

All of this is possible because of your support!

At All for Lunch, 100% of your tax-deductible donations go directly to schools – paying off lunch debt and funding reserve accounts. All for Lunch operates with no overhead costs so that every dollar you donate directly grows our impact within the community. We believe no child should be denied school lunch because of their family’s inability to pay. With school lunch costing around only $2.50 per meal, donations of any size can make a big difference to a child going hungry at lunch!

Looking forward to Year 2!

We are so excited about what we have accomplished over this past year and are eager to make a larger impact in All for Lunch’s second year around! We look forward to continuing to work with donors in our community to expand our impact into more cities and counties and guarantee no child is being denied lunch at school due to lunch debt or insufficient funds.  Our vision is to fund All for Lunch Reserve Accounts at every school that has a need so that every child has access to school lunch. With about 1 in 5 children living in food insecurity, it is imperative that these kids know they are going to be able to eat a healthy lunch at school. Because of your support, we can continue to expand our reach to help serve more children in need!

Thank you to all of our donors that have helped make our first year such a success. Because of your generosity, we are making sure children at school have access to lunch, regardless of their ability to pay. Now, these children can focus on learning and having fun at school, not on being hungry.


All for Lunch and Lunch for All!

All for Lunch pays off the lunch debt of EVERY elementary school in the city of Smyrna, GA and funds Reserve Accounts in May!










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