Kids Are Going Hungry Every Day

Every day, hundreds of children in our schools go without a hot lunch because they do not have money to pay their lunch accounts. At All for Lunch, we connect donors with delinquent accounts to add funds so that every child can get a nutritious lunch alongside their peers, regardless of their financial situation. For some of these children, this may be their only meal for the day. Join us now as we work to eliminate school lunch debt across the nation to make sure no child goes hungry at school.


Our mission is simple – to help children across the country gain access to hot lunch at school, regardless of their family financial situation. Children as young as 5 years old are struggling with hunger at school every day because their family cannot afford to pay their delinquent lunch accounts.  Here’s where you come in. You specify the amount you want to donate and we work with schools to pay the accounts that are delinquent.  100% of your donation will go to the school to pay off delinquent lunch accounts.  With school lunch costing about $2.50 per meal, any amount that you decide to donate will make an impact in a child’s life. For some kids, this may be their only meal of the day. Join us to make sure no child goes hungry at school as we strive to provide lunch for all. 

 All for Lunch and Lunch for All!

Our purpose at All for Lunch, Inc. is to give donors the opportunity to pay off children’s delinquent lunch account balances so that children may be able to purchase hot lunch meals served at their school. All for Lunch, Inc. believes no child should be denied a nutritious hot lunch meal, regardless of their ability to pay. We work relentlessly to give children the opportunity to receive the same meals as their peers without the stigma or discrimination of having an outstanding lunch tab. We join together to provide lunch for all!

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out what to give as a gift for birthdays, holidays or any other occasion? We’ve all been there. At All for Lunch, we make it easy to give a gift that will make both you and the recipient feel good and also help make a positive impact within your local community. You let us know the holiday or occasion, and we will send a card to the gift recipient letting them know that you have made a donation to pay off delinquent lunch accounts in their honor.  It’s that easy. Instead of scented candles or a fruitcake, give a gift that changes the world, one lunch at a time.

3 Ways to Give

One Time Donation

With school lunches costing about $2.50 per meal, your one-time donation will impact a child’s life and provide lunch for kids in school

Monthly Donation

You tell us the donation amount and we work with schools to pay off accounts each month

Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of lunch.  We send a card letting your gift recipient know a donation to feed children in their community has been made in their honor


School-Aged Children living in poverty across the country


America's School Districts with kids in school lunch debt


Children Living in Large Cities that are Food Insecure


The amount of your donation that goes towards lunch debt


Whether you are considering giving lunch for your holiday gifts this year, becoming a monthly donor, or even just doing something amazing and helping with a one-time donation today, YOU ARE NEEDED! Kids as young as kindergarten are unable to get a nutritious meal because they don’t have the money to pay. Any donation makes a difference in providing hot lunches for children. With the average cost of a school lunch being $2.50, even $5 can make a change!

Frequently Asked Questions

All For Lunch, Inc was founded to help children gain access to lunch where they may not have had the opportunity in the past. As a donor, you are directly contributing to empowering a child by taking the worry of paying for lunch off their plate. Every donation makes a difference, regardless of size. If you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answers here, contact us using the form below.  Your involvement is what makes our organization able to help feed school children across the country. You are changing a child’s life!


Is my donation tax deductable?
YES! All for Lunch, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All of your donations are tax-deductible and will come with a receipt for your records
Can I choose the city or school?

We know that you may have ties to a particular state, community or even a specific school. Because of this, we give you the option to specify where your donation goes. Simply fill out the description box at check-out and we will make sure your donation is applied accordingly.

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Join us on our mission to eliminate school lunch debt so no child goes hungry at school! 

Do you have questions about our program? Are you a school that would like to partner with All for Lunch to create a fundraising campaign to help pay off your delinquent lunch accounts? Are you a business that would like to adopt a school in your community? Contact our team with the form below and we will be in touch to answer your questions as soon as we can.