We are on a mission to eliminate school lunch debt. 

Our goal is simple. To make sure every child has access to lunch at school, regardless of their financial situation at home.  We work with schools and communities to connect local donors to help eliminate lunch debt at schools throughout their community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a school partner with All for Lunch?

If you are a school with lunch debt and would like to partner with All for Lunch, simply fill out the form below or email contact @ Allforlunch.com. Please include your school name, city, state, and total school lunch debt. Our team will then create your school-specific fundraiser and send it to your school to share!

Where do funds come from to pay off lunch debt?

All for Lunch relies entirely on donations from community members and businesses to eliminate school lunch debt within the districts that we work with. This is why we create unique school/district fundraisers so that funds that come in for a specific area can be allocated accordingly.  We find schools have the most success not only eliminating their lunch debt one time, but keeping it eliminated by sharing the fundraising page through their PTA, social media accounts and parent/community communications. Many donors sign up to give monthly, allowing funds to continue to support their local schools.

Will All for Lunch pay off the lunch debt of my entire school?

Because All for Lunch relies entirely on donations from community members and local businesses we are not always able to eliminate the entirety of the lunch debt for a given school or district. We work closely with schools to help create a compelling and engaging fundraising page on our website, and share tips with schools to increase community donations and involvement with the goal of not only eliminating the school lunch debt in time but also keeping schools lunch debt free moving forward.

When and how are funds delivered from All for Lunch to a school?

All for Lunch receives donations daily throughout any given month. Our team runs donation reports at the beginning of each month and funds raised through your unique fundraiser donation form will be sent between the 15th and 20th of the following month. 

Do you only work with schools in the state of Georgia?

Schools in every state can partner with All for Lunch! While our headquarters are based in the state of Georgia, All for Lunch partners with schools throughout the country. As our donations to schools are funded by the support from the local community, the impact we are able to make in eliminating school lunch debt in an area is directly related to the sharing of the fundraiser page to raise awareness to increase the impact that we can make.

Can an entire district or county partner with All for Lunch?

YES! We LOVE to partner with entire districts to help keep schools lunch debt free! On your unique district landing page, we will have a donation form that not only collects funds for your district but also allows donors to specify if there is a specific school where they would like their funds applied. We send you all donation specifications when funds are distributed each month.

Can All for Lunch pay off the lunch debt of an individual child?

Unfortunately, All for Lunch can only work with schools to distribute funds and pay off school lunch debt. At this time All for Lunch is unable to work directly with individuals or families that have school lunch debt. 

How much of my donation goes towards paying off school lunch debt?

At this time, 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards eliminating school lunch debt. All for Lunch has no paid staff or overhead, allowing us to give 100% back to schools throughout your community. 

Can I specify a specific school to receive my donation?

Yes, All for Lunch allows donors to indicate if there is a specific school, district, or state where you would like your donation applied. While we make every effort to fulfill a donation specification, there are times that we are unable to do so. The school may not have lunch debt, they may provide free lunch to their students, or the school may be unresponsive to our attempts to connect and distribute funds. When this happens, funds are then applied to other schools that have students carrying school lunch debt. 

When will my donation be applied to the school I designated? 

Donations are distributed on a monthly basis. If you have designated a school that All for Lunch has not worked with in the past, it may take some additional time to get the school in our system and funds distributed. Once the school is in our system your donation will be allocated accordingly. 

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