Thank you for considering to partner your business with All for Lunch to eliminate school lunch debt and battle childhood hunger! Because of the support of businesses like yours we will be able to work with more schools to not only make them lunch debt free by paying off the delinquent accounts, but ensuring they stay lunch debt free through our All for Lunch reserve accounts. These reserve accounts are essential to making sure every child has access to lunch at school. A 5 year old child in kindergarten can be denied a school lunch due to having lunch debt. At All for Lunch, Inc, our mission is to make sure that never happens. 

Funds from your donation will go towards paying off existing lunch debt and funding reserve accounts to help children at schools get through these upcoming winter months. If you only pay off the lunch debt of a school, the children without the financial means continue to go without funds for lunch in their accounts. With All for Lunch reserve accounts funded, no child will be denied a school lunch due to their inability to pay and will be guaranteed lunch regardless of their family’s financial situation. As some schools can generate hundreds of dollars of debt each month, the reserve account is crucial to make sure every child can have access to a meal at lunchtime. For some of these kids, school lunch may be their only meal of the day.

Your generous donation will be shared on our social media, in our newsletters and you will be listed as a partner on our website. Together we can eliminate school lunch debt and fight against childhood food insecurity.

All for Lunch and Lunch for All!

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